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New CD!  See below!

Gig safety being closely monitored by our in-house mando-pulmonologist, we will announce outdoor gigs soon for Fall 2021!  Join our mailing list for news; see Contact page.

Come on in and feast your ear sockets.  The Wicked Pickers are too eclectic, but somehow, O' Baby it works!  We are your spiritual buddies for acoustic folk,  jazz, Celtic, Latin, blues, R&B and soul, ummm with bluegrass instrumentation, and some hints of classical.  We're 98.6% genre-free and lovin' it!  Do please LIKE us via Facebook!

Breaking News:

CD #4, The Travelled Way, is out! We have some really intriguing new originals that venture pretty far out on personal or musical limbs.  Some samples below.  HOW CAN YOU LISTEN? on SpotifyPandora Or buy the (physical!) audio CD The Travelled Way on Amazon (nearly $20 w/shipping).  Or email us your postal address and pay $12 on Venmo. Or drop by! THANKS.

Hear Ye Here, Ye!

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